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PyPar (stands for "Python Parallel") is a library written by Ole Nielsen: I made only some minor changes in order to build it on Windows and to switch it from now obsolete Numeric Python library to more modern NumPy.

MPI (Message Passing Interface) is a system for parallel programming, primarily in C/C++. I wanted to use it with Python on Windows. There's a few bindings for Python, but none of them was easy to install on a Windows machine. As PyPar looked like the simplest, I modified it for my needs. I also sent my changes back to Ole Nielsen. He thanked me heartily and ignored them altogether. There must be a good reason. Anyway:

Sources (~124 KB).

Pre-built windows installer for Python 2.5 win32 (~73 KB).

Pre-built windows installer for Python 2.6 win32 (~200 KB).

Pre-built windows installer for Python 2.6 win64 (~230 KB). Thanks to Nima Nouri ( from Isfahan University of Technology for providing the x64 binary installer.

Update: My changes were merged into the SourceForge repository, along with some more significant improvements made by other developers. You should probably use the latest version from SourceForge.

Update2: Windows compatibility of the Sourceforge version seems to be broken again. If you are using Linux (or other *nix OS), you would probably be fine using the Sourceforge version. You can use the version from this page on Windows, but keep in mind that it haven't been updated for several years and may lack some features of the Sourceforge one.

Last edited 25 July 2010