>> Repeinik


A blogging site where you can write something in your native language, and then add a translation to a language you're learning, and have native speakers of that language* correcting your errors**, and you can return the favor by correcting someone else's error if (s)he writes in your native language, and you can read parallel textes for practice and so on and so forth.

Here's how a blog post looks:

Here's how a correction may look like (for Japanese):

And there are color codes for errors:

I am doing this site in my free time, and it is still a beta of an early alpha of a prototype (with about 5 users). It's written in Python, Django and JQuery.

The word "repeinik" stands for Greater Burdock (lat. Arctium Lappa), and has no particular significance. Just a cute word. Hope it doesn't mean anything obscene in a language I don't speak.